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Future University is one of most promising private universities in Egypt. Through excellence in teaching, research and service, Future University strives to provide a comprehensive, high-quality education that prepares our graduates to be future leaders.
Altagamoa Al Khames, Main centre of town, end of 90th Street
New Cairo

Faculty Staff

Associate Professors

  • Noura Eissa

    Associate Professor

    Noura Eissa is a Ph.D. holder from Cairo University, Euro-Med program with a specialized discipline in International Economics and Global markets particularly International Political Economy IPE, Economic bloc integrations, trade gravity models, law and public policies related to economics. She obtained her MA and BA of Art in Economics from the American University in Cairo AUC. As an Arab who has studied and engaged in various disciplines, she has the ability to break down disciplinary boundaries between economics and politics shaping them and delivering them to students under the philosophical and theoretical understanding of Middle Eastern environmental conditions, social cultures, ideologies and communication strategies. Agreeing with Classical economists such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo, she believes that political externalities stem out of international economic activities with a growing consensus regarding the beneficial effects of international trade on political and international relationships. Teaching methods in her lectures are targeted towards developing firm transferable skills for the students to later use when holding leadership positions. This includes pre-planned PowerPoint Presentations, in-class group assignments and debates, guest speakers, student conferences and workshops, as well as research papers enriching the students' individual development. Related topics of interest where research has been conducted include a comparative political and economic analysis of regional blocs such as the EU and the GCC, theoretical analysis of theories related to International affairs and to regional bloc integration, non-renewable energy and its economic and social impact on the GCC, economic and political absorptive capacity of the GCC, free trade area agreements, trade and FDI relations of the GCC with the rest of the world and with the European Union in specific, a comparison between the EU unified currency and the desired unified currency for the Gulf countries. In the long run, she would like to add value to her students positively forcing them to strive to achieve leadership roles in the global world today and aiding them with analytical and empirical skills. She is a dedicated person who can manage her time wisely, thus working well with the different requirements of the job. She has ten years of teaching experience in the field at several reputable universities. She has taught various levels of courses starting with 200 to 400 level courses. Dr. Eissa has participated in a number of conferences and workshops in order to constantly develop her skills to be updated with the current technology, issues, research and events in the fields of political economy, economics and business. ... Read more


    Associate Professor

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  • Rasha El-Ibiary

    Associate Professors

    Rasha El-Ibiary, is a Lecturer at the Future University in Egypt since February 2016. She is specialized in Political Communication, Media and Conflicts, Public Opinion and Propaganda, and Cultural Geopolitics. Dr. El-Ibiary holds a BA in Journalism from the Journalism and Mass Communication Department, with a minor in Political Science, an MA in International Relations from the Department of Political Science, AUC. She earned her PhD in Politics with specialization in Political Communication from Newcastle University, UK, in 2006. She taught at the American University in Cairo, the German University in Cairo and also at Newcastle University, UK ... Read more

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