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The Reality Of Education In The African Continent: The Republic Of Cameron Model

  • المؤلف :
    Zeinab Tawfik El Sayed Ahmed Elewa
  • جهة النشر :
    ASRO Journal of Education [AJE]
  • التاريخ :
  • Abstract :
    Still Education in the African Continent suffers Under development because of the exorbitant cost of Education systems as well as totally inadequate to the habits of African Society and its Traditions, even in 1980, only a few Countries on the Continent, such as the Congo, Madagascar and Togo were unable to universal primary Education, so the African Continent nations seem less Countries achieve the spread of Education despite the recognition, especially in Developing Countries that suffer limited Resources of its importance. Regular Education has passed in Cameroon several stations trip, the largest influencing the relay colonial eras, where he signed the country in the grip of the German colonizers and then the French and the British, although for Cameroon gained independence in 1961, but the education system which follows different ways, while follow in the east French model we find in the West based on the British model. Education did not start taking Nationalization of and meets the needs of the community are real only with an the First Republic in 1972, as the Education system has seen a lot of development began to shift gradually from the Central to the Decentralization and the Development of an Educational structure takes into account the local conditions and take from the experiences of Countries that have made Educational progress, also began transformation of Education for a fee to free Education compulsory until the age of 14, so it has become the issue of investment in Education and linking them to the Requirements of Economic Development at the center of Development thinking of the Republic of Cameroon.
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