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Integrity and Good Governance

  • الكود :
    PSC 210
  • المستوى :
    بيانات المقرر
  • ساعات المقرر :
    3.00 ساعة
  • القسم :
    Department of Economics

بيانات المحتضر :

المجال التعليمى :

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Integrity and Good Governance

This course defines the basic concepts of good governance, integrity, values, morals, ethics and corruption. Students discuss how individual conduct can be judged in terms of integrity. It explores the relationship between religion and integrity. The decisive roles of official and non-official actors in promoting integrity in organizations and society are defined. Students learn to analyze global rating indices for corruption and integrity and compare different developed and developing countries investigating key factors and tools to achieve integrity. In the course, students are exposed to cases that illustrate different types of integrity violations such as abuse of power, misuse and manipulation of information, discrimination, waste and abuse of organization resources. In addition, policy ethics are defined in relation to integrity of governance.

لمزيد من المعلومات :

Integrity and Good Governance

نتائج المقرر:

a. Knowledge and Understanding:

1- Define what is considered ethical and who decides that
2- Recognize key ethical theories such as virtue ethics, deontology, and teleology
3- Describe various concepts such as morals, norms, values, virtues, misconduct
4- Identify different contexts of good governance and ethics in public administration settings
5- Discuss the United Nations Convention against Corruption

b. Intellectual Skills:

1- Analyze different complex situations in public organizations and how to determine the ethical decision-making
2- Examine what works better and when: enforcing compliance, building trust, or promoting values
3- Develop an authentic moral position as a future leader by learning how to provide constructive and respectful critique to current corrupted situations.

c. Professional and Practical Skills:

1- Apply knowledge of transparency, sustainability, and accountability to the Egyptian context
2- Design an anti-corruption strategy appropriate to the Egyptian conditions
3- Employ structured ethical reasoning when faced with real-life ethical dilemma
4- professionally interpret different strategies used to make sense of ethical issues

d. General and Transferable Skills:

1- Work effectively as a team member throughout the course
2- Develop self-learning mechanisms
3- Learn communication and leadership skills

لمزيد من المعلومات :

Integrity and Good Governance

موضوعات المقرر ومحتواه:

الموضوع عدد الساعات المحاضر عملى /نظرى
Introduction: Integrity and Good Governance 3 1
Making Sense of Ethics: A decision making approach to Ethical Dilemmas When do you know a particular issue has ethical dimensions? How to recognize such dimensions? How to make sense of them and agree on positions or solutions? 3 1
Understanding and Applying Classical Theories of Ethics 3 1
Who Decides "Public Interest"? 3 1
First Mid-Term 1
Putting Public Interest into Action " A Public Value Mapping Exercise"- Individual versus Public Interests 3 1
Good Governance across the Globe 3 1
Good Governance in Public Policy: Managing Conflicting Public Values 3 1
Second Mid-Term 1
Ethics Management: Measuring corruption and Integrity Violations. Key types of corruption and misconduct. The role of the government, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders (domestic and multilateral efforts) to eradicate corruption and promote transparency. 3 1
Managing Organizations of Integrity: Instruments, Approaches, and Policies. How to promote integrity in public sector? 3 1
Absolutism, Particularism, and Relativism: Ethics Management across Boarders 3 1
Ethical Leadership and Professional Ethics: How to become an Ethical Leader in Public Organizations? How to handle complex ethical dilemmas? Who do you serve as a responsible professional (value the stakeholders rights) 3 1
The Case of Egypt: Promoting integrity and combating corruption in Egypt 3 1
Final Exam 1

لمزيد من المعلومات :

Integrity and Good Governance

التعليم والمناهج:

طريقة التعليم
Data show and computer in lectures
Research paper

منهجية التعليم :

Integrity and Good Governance

تقييم الكورس :

طريقة التقييم الوزن النسبى % رقم الاسبوع ماذا تقيم ؟
Class Work (Attendance, Participation, Quizzes, Research papers, Presentations,..) 30.00 To assess understanding, and to assess theoretical background of the intellectual and practical skills.
Final Exam 40.00 15 To assess knowledge and intellectual skills.
Midterm Exam(s) 30.00 7 To assess professional skills.

الوزن النسبى :

Integrity and Good Governance


الكتاب المؤلف الناشر

الدورات :

Adams, G. and D.L. Balfour, Towards Restoring Integrity in Praetorian Times. The Value of ‘Putting Cruelty First’. Public Integrity, Vol. 14 ,No.4: 2012 (325-339).

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