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Sarra Moneir

Basic information

Name : Sarra Moneir
Title: Lecturer of Political Science
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Personal Info: Lecturer of Political Science at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science - Future University in Egypt. Moneir has attained her Bachelor Degree in Political Science from Cairo University at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science where she wrote her graduation project on "Futurology Studies in the Field of Political Science: An Analysis of the Western Contributions". Following that, Moneir completed her Masters degree in Global History at the University of Vienna in 2010 with the thesis on "Arab-Islamic Political Philosophy: An Analysis of the Problematic between the Political and the Religious Institutions in Egypt's 18th and 19th Centuries". Moneir is currently working on her PhD Dissertation at the Department of International Development Studies at the University of Vienna where she serves there occasionally as a researching staff member. Her PhD dissertation is specializing in ethnographic and sociological studies of the political psychology of the masses. Among her recent publications are a paper presented at the Institute de Monde Arabe conference in Paris in 2013 on "Comparative Study between the Orabi Revolution and the January 25 Revolution in Egypt", as well as "Who is Afraid of Twitter? The Egyptian Revolution Going Global" in an Omnibus Volume on Globalization from an Interdisciplinary Perspective published in Frankfurt, Germany in January 2013. Moneir's main specializations are: methodology of political sociology, political psychology of the masses and mass protests, political theory and philosophy of memory and socio-political myths, experience and awareness. View More...


Certificate Major University Year
PhD .. Universitat Wien - Vienna 2019
Masters Global History Department of History - University of Vienna 2010
Bachelor Political Science Faculty of Economics and Political Science - Cairo Univeristy 2006

Researches /Publications

Book Review - Partitioning Palestine BRITISH POLICYMAKING AT THE END OF EMPIRE (submitted for publication)

Sarra Mohamed Moneir ElSayed Ahmed



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(Re-) Envisioning the Masses: Critiquing Theoretical Foundations and ‘Black Lives Matter’

Sarra Mohamed Moneir ElSayed Ahmed



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Book Review: Memory Boxes: An Experimental Approach to Cultural Transfer in History, 1500–2000

Sarra Mohamed Moneir ElSayed Ahmed



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Who is Afraid of Twitter? The Egyptian Revolution Going Global

Sarra Mohamed Moneir ElSayed Ahmed


The research discusses how the Egyptian revolution created its own concept of globality with a nationalistic characteristic. In that respect, the research is depicting how the tools of street art and the like shaped in the global outreach of the Egyptian revolution and its main demands, which affected the perspective of many protests in different world countries.

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Revolution, Cyber Culture and New Identity: Egyptian Political Changes as a Model

Sarra Mohamed Moneir ElSayed Ahmed


The paper discusses the difference between public and private spaces in politics since and during the Egyptian Revolution. The focus in the paper are the shifting roles of the protesters and how their shifting roles and awareness, also the importance of acquired knowledge, impact on how the older generation politicians struggle in facing this new form of reality in making politics on the Egyptian arena; hence a generation clash.

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Arab-Islamic Political Philosophy of the 18th and 19th Centuries: The Problematic of the Political and the Religious in Egypt

Sarra Mohamed Moneir ElSayed Ahmed


This master thesis project discusses the Arab Islamic Philosophy of Egypt in the 18th and 19th centuries. The research focused through a deep critical analysis of the original documentations provided in archives in Egypt, on the roles of the political as well as the religious institutions at the time of the 18th and 19th centuries. The dialectic between the two institutions was looked at, and how, most importantly, the intellectuals or the "Ullama" at the time tried to provide an understanding and reform programs for both institutions under the Ottoman Empire, the French Invasion as well as the British Invasion towards the end of the 19th century.

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Award Donor Date
Jubilee Scholarship for Arab Development and Democratisation Department of International Development Studies - University of Vienna 2014
Jubileaums Scholarship for PhD Students Austrian Academic Agency 2012

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