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Future Platform

Future Platform

To keep up with the rapidly changing and highly uncertain world and to inform public opinion, especially of the youth, about these changes at the local, regional and international levels, Future University in Egypt (FUE) launched FUTURE PLATFORM in September 2020. This platform constitutes of two forums: FUTURE POLICY FORUM and INTELLECTUAL FORUM.

FUTURE POLICY FORUM is one new Egyptian forum for academic and research-based policy discussion of economic, social, political, and other important developments related to FUE faculties’ specializations and their implications for Egypt. It is seeking to promote a better understanding of the increasingly complex public policy issues with the aim to contribute to shaping better policies that foster prosperity and well-being for all. The forum hosts distinguished speakers of different backgrounds, provides a space for interaction, and facilitates the coordination and integration among authorities, academic experts and researchers, practitioners, and relevant stakeholders. The forum works on establishing evidence-based solutions to a wide range of challenges facing Egypt.

FUTURE INTELLECTUAL FORUM is similar to the FUTURE POLICY FORUM in its ultimate objective: fostering better life for everyone. It conducts a national dialogue on a very wide range of on general cultural issues it deems to be of priority, with the aim to promote open and critical thinking and refined taste.

No participation fee is required. Participants are able to participate in the webinar over the internet. You need just to register first if you want to attend any of our events.
Our success depends on your active continued participation; a creed that drives us to develop with ever more daring.

Webinar Sessions:
- A Vision of the Current Arab Scene
Arab Economy in a Drastically Changing World 
National Museum of Egyptian Civilization 
- A Vision of the Conditions of Arab Political Systems 
The Unique Contest for the US Elections 2020
- Economic Developments in Egypt and the Government's Action Plan to Meet the Accelerating Challenges
- Poverty, Employment & Inequality in Arab Countries Structural Challenges & COVID-19 Impact
- COVID-19: The Facts and the Falsehoods