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Values and Goals


In fulfilling its mission, the Faculty of Economics and Political Science holds the following values:
  • Communication of knowledge and learning through an environment in which leading academic staff teaches and engages in dissemination of knowledge to a broader community.
  • Engagement with professionals and communities through responsiveness and partnerships.
  • Intellectual independence and freedom of inquiry.
  • Ethical practices and universal citizenship.
  • Research-led institution, valuing knowledge and learning for the cultural, social, and economic benefits that they offer
  • Recruitment and development of staff and students of the highest quality, recognizing that people are the faculty’s primary resource
  • Creation of an environment in which academic excellence combined with opportunities for personal development enables individuals to craft their own futures.
  • Emphasis on creativity among staff and students in both teaching and research.
  • Reiteration of accountability among all concerned parties for the sake of improving, and sustaining, high quality performance.
  • Transparency and open communication between staff and students on one hand, and between both and the university administration, on the other hand.


In pursuing its mission, vision and values, FEPS focuses on achieving the following goals: 
  • Provide an internationally distinctive learning experience that combines academic excellence with the personal development that comes from university life.
  • Produce research of international excellence in all our subjects (economics, political science, public administration and political mass media) to enhance the contribution to the economic, social, cultural and educational life of the Arab region, while building the strengths necessary to be recognized as regional leaders in selected areas.
  • Provide interdisciplinary academic teaching, promoting and encouraging new lines of thought, ideas and contributions in already existing, emerging and new fields.
  • Internationalize staff and student communities, and enhance and promote the faculty’s reputation internationally
  • Continue to be a sustainable and a well- managed institution.

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide students with sufficient knowledge in the four disciplines: economics, political science, public administration, and political mass media to prepare them for problem solving. They are provided with both theoretical training as well as technical skills to analyze issues and reach practical conclusions and policy recommendations
  • Equip students with tools and attitudes to interact with the Egyptian environment and reach out for areas of national interest.
  • Train students to conduct research, studies and produce reports in the domains of economics, politics, administration and political mass media including simulations and problems solving.
  • Furnish students with language, knowledge as well as reference materials to meet the highly competitive market in the country and the region.
  • Provide students with field experience which would give students the sense of their community, its needs and interests through offering the opportunity to participate in extra curriculum activities.
  • Provide students with channels of communications and additional information which are needed in their future careers with the help of the faculty inviting visiting Egyptian and foreign lecturers, academics, and policy-makers
  • Upgrade and enhance students' level of scientific, critical, and systematic thinking which lead to empower their critical minds by offering methodology courses and assigning them research papers, in-class activities, and out of class assignments.