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The University is the only Egyptian private university offering bachelor degrees in economics, or political science, or public administration, or in political mass media. The faculty is compact but full with students and staff, who both contribute to the vitality and friendliness of the place. The faculty offers you the opportunity and the challenge to study different ways of understanding human society and different views and beliefs in an atmosphere that encourages you to question ideas and to seek solutions to problems.

The faculty seeks to promote an impartial pursuit of knowledge and understanding about how people organize themselves into, and interact within, social groupings. The curriculum offers a number of ways of investigating and thinking about these questions. They do not teach you a ‘right’ way to solve the world’s problems. Rather, they provide you with the ability to ask questions and have critical minds. The focus of our teaching is on helping you to learn some of the different ways to test your and other people’s ideas. The faculty offers courses not only in economics, political science, public administration, and political mass media, but also in a wide range of interdisciplinary social science subjects, including sociology, psychology, human rights, statistics, and computer applications, etc. If you could welcome the stimulus of new experiences and ideas in a lively campus, choose this faculty!